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Eli Noyes: President

Eli brings a comedic flair to his productions, which include Monitor and Ace Award winning projects for television, award-winning films for children, inventive commercials and title sequences, and spirited experimental films.

Nominated for an Academy Award® for his groundbreaking animated film, Clay, Eli’s work includes projects for Sesame Street, HBO, Scholastic, Nickelodeon, MTV, Pixar, Disney and Oxygen Media.  He was co-creator of the Nickelodeon children’s television series, Eureeka’s Castle, and directed two recurring segments on MTV’s revolutionary television series, Liquid Television.  He’s also known for Ruff’s Bone, a best-selling interactive  CDROM for Broderbund’s Living Books series.

As a director at Colossal Pictures Eli directed scores of commercials, opening titles for TV shows, and even a pilot TV game show in association with the Exploratorium.  He worked with Disney/ABC Cable Networks as part of a team developing a new learning channel for kids, then moved to Oxygen Networks where he was responsible for the design and implementation of their websites.

In 2009, Eli directed animation for two documentaries, The Most Dangerous Man in America, nominated for the Academy Award® for Best Documentary Feature Film, and Under our Skin, shortlisted for Academy nomination in the same category.

At Alligator Planet Eli handles a range of productions: animated segments for documentaries, animation for environmental projects, inventive solutions to creative problems of all kinds.

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